Passing the snow-storm test:
I lived in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn during the winter months of 2018. On a particularly cold January day, my boss  instructed our whole office to work from home due to the terrible weather conditions. With not much food at home, I decided that morning I would order from my favourite nearby mexican restaurant for lunch. After looking forward to my burrito all morning, I was devastated to learn that when attempting to place my order, the restaurant were not delivering that day due to the weather.

I loved those burritos so much that I couldn't let the weather stop me. I walked 15 minutes to and from my apartment in a snow-storm just so I could get that burrito for lunch that day. The potential disappointment of missing out after the anticipation was just too great.
It may be a questionable decision to some but for me when building/creating anything that is the standard I optimize for. If you're not building something to pass the snowstorm test i.e. your fans would endure even a snow-storm to get the product, you need to think bigger.
(If you're wondering, yes it was totally worth it and I'd do it again).

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Derek Owens

Written by Derek Owens